Dr Veriah Plasencia was born and raised in San Diego – completed Medical School in Mexico. She wanted to provide care to underprivileged communities and wanted to expand on her Medical Spanish speaking skills. Her mom is a Dentist in San Diego at a border town, and she fell in love with the patient population and wanted to provide care to that patient population. She trained at an FQ clinic in Fresno which was extremely high volume with very little support. She enjoys and loves preventative care, behavioral health. She learned how to use the most of her time while providing quality efficient care.
Dr Plasencia knew back when she was in high school that she wanted to work with children. There was no other option… she ended up falling in love with Primary Care Peds. Enjoys being able to help a vulnerable parent make life changes for their children to help improve their health and potentially avoid future illnesses.
Dr Plasencia is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.