Joan Purcell, MD

Dr. Purcell attended McCullough Junior High School (yes, it was a Jr HS, first) and upon completing her Sophomore year, transferred to the High School for the Health Professions in Houston from which she was graduated. Attending Austin College, Dr Purcell double majored in English and Biology and played basketball, was a President of her sorority, and met her husband-to-be, Paul. She attended UTMB at Galveston for medical school graduating in 1990. Dr Purcell then completed her residency in Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. In a stroke of genius, she was accepted to the Adolescent Medicine Fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine and to this day, she is the only board certified Adolescent Medicine specialist outside UTMB and the Texas Medical Center.

Dr Purcell has practiced medicine in The Woodlands, Texas for over 20 years. She is a strong advocate of childhood vaccines and breastfeeding, and she has built a reputation as an exceptional diagnostician. She is interested in medical mission work and she has served as the President of the Medical Benevolence Foundation.

Dr Purcell’s hobbies include Birding with her best friend Becky Stroud, high school football and basketball, scrapbooking, and fitness and exercise. She enjoys driving a completely impractical car and gardening. You may have met her husband Paul who is also the Practice Administrator. She has three boys who are all in college. She has no interest in mowing the yard but she will do so if the yard crew doesn’t do it correctly.