Asmi Alam, MD

Dr Asmi Alam is the newest addition to STEP Pediatrics by joining the group in November of 2018. She chooses to work part-time in order to spend more time with her two lovely young children. She is a native of up-state New York. Pediatrics runs in the family as her father is a practicing Pediatrician in her hometown. Dr Alam earned a Masters degree in Physiology before attending medical school. She completed her residency at Tufts University in New York in 2006 and she is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.

Dr Alam lives in the Woodlands with her husband and two children. Having been reared in the Pakistani culture, she is fluent in Hindi-Urdu. Don’t let her easy smile fool you; Dr Alanm is a hard worker and is a highly dedicated wife, mother, and physician. Dr. Alam likes good food and like Drs Purcell and Kozak really doesn’t care for yard work.